Workshops for Personal Growth

 25.00 incl. Tax

  • Learn how to use yourself Power Tapping and experience what it can do for you.
  • Interested in working on yourself? Book a live Power Tapping session.
  • For more depth do book the Next-Step Power Tapping workshop.

Together learn and apply.

I teach you about the positive impact Power Tapping (like EFT and coaching) has on e.g. your stress and traumas.

What is stress actually and what impact has this in our body? How does EFT work and feel what EFT can do for me? How does this contribute to my quality of life?

You can read more information on the workshop page.

For an hour and a half (duration of the workshop), listen and participate. At least you take a tool for life with you: tapping.

Subscribe. I love to see you.

Warm regards, Sandra

P.S. Do you have a business interest in this workshop? Contact me to discuss the purpose, the number of participants and next step possibilities. From lectures to year programs, I am all open for it.

Live on Location

Particpate with a Live workshop. Location to be decided.

Live at company, school or institution

Participate from the locaton of your work.


Particpate using Zoom. The link will be sent in advance. You don't need a zoom account.


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