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Are you experiencing discomfort after a traumatic event, or are you stressed or in mourning. Or are you having a burn-out or PTSD? Or any other physical or emotional complaint? Don’t hesitate to join our workshops. Join, listen, learn, participate and apply. You’re most welcome. You can and will experience yourself the immediate effect. 

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Informative and learn the basics

Participant: “I am completely new to EFT and I would like to know more. I want to see whether it can deal with certain aspects of my life or if it can help me resolve personal issues (loss of my father, new job, burnout…).”

What impact does stress, a stressfull event and a trauma have on our body and our life? I am explaining to you about that. You understand your body better and things fall into place. Furthermore I am going to explain the basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and what Tapping does, how it works and what are the side effects (none). I will allow you to experience what the Tapping can do and explain to you how you can start and use the Tapping yourself. It is a simple tool that you can use anytime anywhere. You will manage to drop the intensity of the negative emotion that is bothering you in that moment.

Do refer to the Next-Step Workshops for specific subjects that will be treated. Yet this is only a small part of subjects. Even FSS, Functional Somatic Symptoms and SOLK in Dutch, is one of those subjects.

Then what is my specialty? Using the right words during the Tapping, putting the finger on the ‘sore’ spot and combining the Tapping with many other techniques. That’s the reason for Power Tapping.

This workshop is a starting point to the Next-Step Power Tapping Workshops and gives you a tool for life: Power Tapping.

Read more about EFT on the Power Tapping page.

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Neutralize negative emotions that lie underneath the “hooks” of earlier events

Participant: “I have experience with EFT and want to cope with or even dissolve specific negative emotions.”

These workshops are based on the ‘complaint of the participant’, such as being in mourning, having a burnout, Corona after efects, exam stress, injection anxiety and much more. Because let’s face it, Tapping can be used for all complaints, negative emotions and situations. And that’s really a lot. So where do you start as a client? With your own specific complaints. Whether it is fatigue, fear or sadness. We often know that it is because of work, an illness, loss or something else. And that’s what we’re going to work on in these follow-up workshops.

We do not only look at the complaints you have now, but also at what lies underneath. What actually caused these complaints? Which events are relevant and triggered? The emotions you often experience are often triggered by previously formed hooks. You learn how to remove all “hooks”, especially from the past, and how to neutralize the negative emotions. Then these “hooks” are no longer in the way and nothing can be hung on them.

Various follow-up workshops have been put together. To participate in these workshops, the Basic Power Tapping Workshop is a requirement. Either you’ve had a Power Tapping Session or you’re familiar with EFT. Then you can also register.

Without pain? Yup

Participant: “(Physical) pain plays a major part in my life. I have tried a lot of methods and would like to know if EFT can help.”

Specific subjects for the Next-Step workshops:

  • Grief: sadness and loss
  • Corona after-effects: shortness of breath and extremely tired
  • Divorce Process: anger and sadness
  • Burn-out: constantly tired and not in the mood for anything
  • PTSD: reliving and stress
  • Work stress: high pressure & expectations, no balance
  • Unemployment stress: sadness, anger, not able to see a future
  • Illnesses and pains: daily obstacles, continuously present pain and complaints, FSS (Functional Somatic Symptoms or SOLK in Dutch), hospitalization and specialists/doctors, negative experiences
  • Vaccination stress: fear of injection, fear of getting sick
  • Exam stress: fear, no concentration

Do you miss a subject  because you experience the related complaints and you like to participate in a workshop like that?  Do let us know.

Let the past dissolve

Participant: “I have experience with EFT and I have been using it for quite some time. I want to let go of old negative emotions and let the past be the past.  Even though I can’t vividly remember the exact traumatic event, I know something has triggered these emotions. It’s time to deal with it.”

In this workshop we will use several methods to deal with the past. Besides EFT I use the Fountain of Energy (kind of family systems) and also the Soul purposes of diseases. When negative emotions are surfacing we will use the Tapping to neutralize those, so that they no longer impact your wellbeing in the future. 

Register for a workshop

Everyone can register for the Basic Power Tapping Workshop. You will start immediately with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Tapping. When you have participated in this workshop, you had a Power Tapping Session or are already familiar with EFT, you can participate in the Next-Step or advanced workshops. It is also possible to participate multiple times in a same workshop, to tackle more of similar ‘complaints’.  

“I never wanted to feel like a victim again... and now it feels like that will not happen again.”


“I started with sadness, sense of loss and misunderstanding about the situation with my mother. Now this has changed to delight, acceptance and understanding."


“I consider myself a down-to-earth person, yet I have seen and experienced surprising healings due to EFT. I loved the wonderful days of the retreat on a perfect location.”


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