Are you experiencing discomfort after a traumatic event, or are you stressed or in mourning. Or are you having a burn-out or PTSD? Or any other physical or emotional complaint? Don’t hesitate to join our workshops. Join, listen, learn, participate and apply. You’re most welcome. You can and will experience yourself the immediate effect of EFT.

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In these last special months, we have given a number of online workshops via Zoom. During the workshop Basic EFT, participants were able to discover the immediate effect of EFT, either on themselves or by others. 

In the workshop Dealing with your Past we noticed that participants greatly benefited from EFT. After each round of tapping, participants were asked to write down and report the intensity (severity) of the emotion on a scale of 1-10. After only four rounds of tapping, many participants report a drop in intensity by 6 or 7 points and sometimes even more. Fantastic to hear and see! Participants really feel lighter, bearing less burden. 

We want you to experience this as well. Therefore we are offering these workshops once again and we have developed three new workshops for you. Click on the workshop titles below to see the dates and time in November and December.

When you have a traumatic experience which you would like to address in the workshop, I suggest you plan at least one individual Power Tapping Session with me so we can divide your traumatic event into smaller, easier to handle pieces. From here you can move on to the various workshops. 

About EFT and learning to do it yourself

“I am completely new to EFT and I would like to know more. I want to see whether it can deal with certain aspects of my life or if it can help me resolve personal issues (loss of my father, new job, burnout…).”

The basics of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) are only explained in this workshop. What is it? How does it work? What are the (positive) effects? And also who can use it and how do I start? Get a first hand experience of what EFT can do for you (even after one workshop) and then decide whether you want to continue. This workshop is a starting point into EFT and gives you a tool for life: Power Tapping.

Read more about EFT on the Power Tapping page.

Follow-up workshops:

  • Workshop Pain and EFT
  • Workshop Negative Emotions and EFT
  • Workshop Dealing with your Past 
  • Workshop Event with Impact and EFT (no trauma)

Data workshops Basic EFT:
Friday 20 Nov. 15:00
Saturday 21 Nov. 14:00
Friday 27 Nov. 15:00
Saturday 28 Nov. 14:00

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Without pain? Yup

“(Physical) pain plays a major part in my life. I have tried a lot of methods and would like to know if EFT can help.”

In this workshop I will learn you how to reduce or even neutralize your pain. During the workshop it is possible that the intensity, the sensation or the location of the pain will change. I will teach you how it works. Furthermore, I will explain what may have triggered the pain and what you can do to make sure it disappears for once and for all. Take note in this workshop I will not explain the EFT-method, we will start immediately. EFT Basics is the workshop you would follow to learn about the EFT-method.

Follow-up workshops:

  • Workshop Negative Emotions and EFT
  • Workshop Dealing with your Past 
  • Workshop Event with Impact and EFT (no trauma)

Data workshops Pain and EFT:
Friday 20 Nov. 19:00
Saturday 21 Nov. 16:00

Neutralize negative emotions that lie underneath the “hooks” of earlier events

“I have experience with EFT and want to cope with or even dissolve specific negative emotions.”

When you know which specific emotions play a role in your pain or trauma, you can follow the workshop Negative Emotions and EFT. These emotions have resulted in “hooks” that new events easily grasp onto, resulting in new pain and discomfort. Learn how to remove these “hooks”, even from the past, and neutralize these negative emotions. When “hooks” are no longer active, nothing can be attached to them ever again.

Follow-up workshop:

  • Workshop Dealing with your Past

Data workshops Negative Emotions and EFT:
Friday 27 Nov. 19:00
Saturday 28 Nov. 16:00
Friday 11 Dec. 19:00
Saturday 12 Dec. 16:00 

Let the past dissolve

“I have experience with EFT and I have been using it for quite some time. I want to let go of old negative emotions and let the past be the past.  Even though I can’t vividly remember the exact traumatic event, I know something has triggered these emotions. It’s time to deal with it.”

In this workshop we will use several methods to deal with the past. When negative emotions are surfacing we will use EFT to neutralize those, so that they no longer impact your wellbeing in the future.  When the pain or the negative emotions are not fully dissolved during the workshop, you can continue using EFT yourself or participate in a follow-up workshop.

Follow-up workshop:

  • Workshop Negative Emotions and EFT

Data workshops Dealing with the Past:
Friday 4 Dec. 15:00
Saturday 5 Dec. 14:00

Dissolve the daily impact of an incident

“I have experienced an incident which somehow has an impact on my daily life. I don’t want that anymore.”

In this workshop we will neutralize the incident step by step. Is it possible to have a fierce reaction? Yes, that may happen. That is why I am there to guide you and especially in such moments you may experience the strength of the group and the power of EFT and mutual tapping.

Follow-up workshop:

  • Workshop Negative Emotions and EFT

Data workshops Event with Impact and EFT:
Friday 11 Dec. 15:00
Saturday 12 Dec. 14:00

Register for a workshop

Everyone can register for one or more workshops. You can start with the workshop Basic EFT. If you have participated in one of our previous EFT workshops or are already familiar with EFT, you can participate in all other workshops. It is also possible to participate multiple times in a specific workshop to tackle more of your aspects. Step in, there where you feel you need to. Participate in the workshops that are now relevant for you. 

All workshops are scheduled several times in November and December and will be offered via Zoom. They are all in English.

You can register until one hour before the start of a workshop, when a maximum of 20 participants is not reached and when your payment is received.

Each workshop lasts 90 minutes and costs €60 incl. VAT.

When you register and pay for more than one workshop at the same time, your investment will be as follows (all incl. VAT):

  • 2 workshops: €115
  • 3 workshops: €165
  • 4 workshops: €215
  • 5 workshops: €265

“I never wanted to feel like a victim again... and now it feels like that will not happen again.”


“I started with sadness, sense of loss and misunderstanding about the situation with my mother. Now this has changed to delight, acceptance and understanding."