Sandra Bijl

It is my passion to build your inner strength and give you life techniques so you can enjoy life to the fullest again. I do this by coaching and sharing my knowledge. I love it! I give you insight into yourself and use techniques that you can apply yourself at home or anywhere. Living your life to the fullest and be the strongest you can be is my motto.

The combination of analytical thinking, coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and certainly my own transformations, is what makes me unique. My advice: focus on the future on who you want to be and don’t let the past stand in your way.

Power Tapping

My power tapping journey started in 2016 when EFT crossed my path and I started to use EFT for my own aches and pains. EFT is a technique used to neutralize negative events by tapping acupuncture points. Thanks to EFT, after 30 years of back pains, I can now work in the garden without limitations again. My blood pressure is also back to normal and I no longer need to take medication for my high-blood pressure. I was able to reduce my medicine intake under my physician’s supervision. Using this technique I have managed to leave traumatic events and other traumas behind me.

I combine EFT with my coaching and call it Power Tapping. EFT focuses on resolving negative emotions and pains and my coaching method guides you to a brighter future living on your strength. Of course I use many other techniques that help you or give you insights.

The Booklet “EFT – Basic Power Tapping” I wrote to assist you in starting with the tapping. You receive this booklet when buying one of the products via the webshop.

Please find me at Stichting EFT (in Dutch). 

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