From Storms to Shining: My Life Adventure

My Struggle Against Storms
In the depths of my personal journey, I faced tumultuous storms: burnouts, divorces, and health issues. These challenges brought unbearable pain, the loss of loved ones, and an intense quest for inner strength. From the incomprehensible grief after losing my two sisters to the complexity of starting a new life in the Netherlands after 8 years in Malaysia and leaving a stable job in IT; each moment illuminated universal themes of sorrow and confusion.

The Journey of Healing and Growth
My response to these challenges began with embracing various coaching methods and techniques, including the ABC method, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Coaching, Soul Causes of Diseases, Family Constellations and even Human Design. In-depth exploration of what was stuck in my body and taking responsibility for my well-being formed the core of my transformation.

Through EFT, using gentle tapping techniques on specific meridian points on the upper body, I released stuck emotions and created space for healing. These experiences not only illuminated my own path but further strengthened my mission to guide others in discovering their inner strength.

The Shining Power of Now and the Future
This journey of healing and growth has led me to a place of unwavering strength and profound gratitude. Whatever comes my way, I now know the path to healing and embracing my inner power. My ability to navigate the way to well-being and resilience, no matter what, is anchored in my transformation. Welcome to Live Your Choice, where I, Sandra Bijl, lovingly share my experiences to guide you on your own unique journey to inner transformation and radiant strength.

I combine EFT with my coaching and call it Power Tapping

The Booklet “EFT – Basic Power Tapping” I wrote to assist you in starting with the tapping. You receive this booklet when buying one of the products like the Deck of Cards and watching the documentary Dissolving Trauma. Just send me an email.

Please find me at Stichting EFT (in Dutch). 

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