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Power Tapping Lezingen

Trauma, stress and negative events weight very heavy in the backpack that we all carry. What is done, is done. We can’t erase that and we don’t need to. However, we can take the heaviness off. Neutralize the negative charge. That is what EFT does. Getting air again, less pressure on your shoulders. Less or no more physical pains. Is that possible? Yes it is.

In a Power Tapping Session we will work together. 

Step by step, layer by layer, frame by frame. Don’t deal with everything at once and in one session. You will be amazed when you see the number of “hooks” you made in your early childhood. How come you suddenly have to think of your grandfather? Or that moment when you fell of your bike?

I use my knowledge about the ‘The Psychic Roots of Disease’ in almost every session. Does your complaint have to do with your mother or your children? Which negative core value is at play. Unbelief by clients? Yes, certainly. Until I explain. All will fall into place. Unbelievable but true.

When you like to see how EFT works and what it can do for you, join the Guided Power Tapping. Often in English because there are participants joining from all over the world. 

Online Zoom Workshops are given on a regular basis. Put yourself first! What can EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) do for you, how do we work together and how can you use it immediately for yourself? Do check our Workshops page for updates.

You can also get started by watching and participating with the YouTube videos.

Would you prefer to (also) work with me? I love to teach you EFT and I would like to meet you online or here in the office.

Power Tapping

The road to your strength

Traumas, stress and grief resulting in PTSD and burn-out have a paralyzing effect. Your strength is gone. What to do?

Power Tapping removes this paralysis and creates space to make new plans. Make those steps and get to work to execute your plans: on your way to be in full power.

Subsribe for an individual session(s). You can also register for the Power Tapping annual Programme.

Interested to become a Power Tapping Coach? Send an email.

Power Tapping

One hour for yourself

Weekly Online Guided Power Tapping! To handle and neutralize your own unique situation as much as possible. Participate (f.o.c.) and feel your stress reducing.

We start with our breathing and an ABC method to come back to ourselves and leave the environment for what it is. Then I guide you with EFT to deal with your own emotion in your own situation for about 30 minutes. 

“I experience more peace of mind after the Online Guided Power Tapping. Being able to sleep at night for the first time for 6 hours at a time. Lovely.”


“The situation at home had changed so much in the Corona time, Online Guided Power Tapping helped me to reduce my stress.”


“I consider myself a down-to-earth person, yet I have seen and experienced surprising healings due to EFT. I loved the wonderful days of the retreat on a perfect location.”