Dissolving Trauma Documentary

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  • Watch and see the experiences of the participants
  • Discover what EFT can do for you, recognise you
  • Experience yourself and book the first Live session with Sandra Bijl

This Dissolving Trauma documentary is about neutraliseing traumas using Power Tapping (EFT & Coaching).

Watch the trailer.

Started June 2020, I guided participants with traumas or certain PTSD complaints using Power Tapping (EFT & Coaching) for one year. Together we worked on their complaints (e.g. using EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques – to neutralize the underlying negative emotions) to regain their power and strength. The experiences of the participants was recorded with a camera and is made into the Dissolving Trauma Documentary.

I made this documentary to show that those who feel stuck, can enjoy life again and to become part of the Happy Side of Life. It is my big wish that everyone can use EFT. Read here more about EFT and Power Tapping.

On our website Dissolving Trauma you can read more about it. Or look for the trailer and teasers on our YouTube channel Dissolving Trauma.

Do you like to watch the documentary Dissolving Trauma? Do place this item in your basket (winkelmandje).

It’s a Dutch movie with English subtitles.

You can also watch the documentary directly by Vimeo On Demand.

The documentary became the base of the Power Tapping Annual program (held in the Netherlands in Dutch and/of English). A year to reach your Happy Side of Life and to make a jump up in your quality of life.

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