Power Tapping Deck of Cards

 33.50 incl. Tax

  • Easy size, can be used anywhere.
  • Self-help tool for starters and advanced tappers.
  • “How-to-use” using QR.

Use the Power Tapping Deck of Cards to empower yourself:

with emphasis on Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

60 cards for you to use at home. Each of the 54 cards focuses on a specific subject using a drawing showing a negative emotion: my conclusion, my truth, my fear or my emotion. The subject induces a certain situation or event. By tapping (EFT) you can neutralize the corresponding negative emotion. This emotion is possibly stuck somewhere in your body and system. Often we are not aware of that, yet is blocking our flow of energy. Get to work, so your energy starts flowing again and your negative emotion is allowed to be neutralised.

On the remaining 6 cards the proces is described, including pictures and QR-codes to short films.

Empty your emotional baggage and neutralize emotional and physical pain caused from past traumatic events. Let the past remain in the past. Aches and pains from your past do not have to be part of your future. Releasing pain will improve your quality of life and bring you empowerment. Who doesn’t want that?

This deck of cards is easy to use and assists that an emotion that you are unaware of can surface. The negatieve emotion is heard and you can start and neutralise this emotion as well as possible. Therefore a self-help tool. I wrote down the process on 6 cards, one of them with and overview of the tapping points. By scanning the QR-code on one of the cards, you can watch a “How-to” video and tap along with me. This video (in English) has been watched over 8,000 times. And when you like to receive the tapping booklet, just send me an email. So what is stopping you? Get to work!

Great to give as a gift.

To be used by therapist as well as clients, by experienced EFT tappers or starters; for young and old. All over the world.

The deck of cards is LIVE and for sale.

Format deck of cards (lxwxh):  10,8cm x 8,5cm x 1,6cm

Read more about Power Tapping.

Weight 0.210 kg
Dimensions 10.8 × 8.5 × 1.6 cm
Taal - Language

English, Nederlands


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