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Power Tapping Session(s)

 121.00 1,500.00 incl. Tax

  • Together working for a higher quality of life.
  • It can be in practice as well as using Zoom; from two sessions till a yer long support.
  • You will get to work on your own issues and learn how to tap (EFT) yourself in order for you to use it yourself; anywhere anytime.
  • When the regular care can’t help you further or when you like extra support, tapping (EFT) is a lovely add-on.

Empower Yourself

Have less physical pain. To reduce the weight of your trauma, stress or negative events. To come back in your strength. Recovery from diseases, like Corona. Is that possible? Yes, for sure. That is what Power Tapping can do for you.

Look at the possibilities to see if a session with Sandra suites you: from one or several sessions to a year support.

Like to see how it works? Several short video’s can be found on our Dissolving Trauma YouTube Channel or watch the documentary Dissolving Trauma.

Together on the way to your strength.

We peel off your fear or pain until we reach the negative experience that caused this. Together we resolve the emotion of that experience. Going to a better quality of life, to the Happy Side of Life.

An private session with Sandra last one hour. The half hour intake is free. You will be asked to fill in an intake form in advance. The very first session you learn how to tap and you will have homework to do. This way dayly tapping will be like brushing your teeth.

Watch the trailer of the documentary to have a first impression.

You won’t regret to start a trajectory with Sandra.

P.S. Do provide information in the order if you have a preferred day, morning/afternoon/eveing and if you like to have the session at the practice or using Zoom.

One session

One Power Tapping Session with Sandra. I advice to have at least two (2) private sessions, so you learn well where the tapping points are and that you really can start to work on yourself. You can book every session seperately.

Five sessions

When you like to make a proper start, purchase a trajectory of 5 sessions.

Annual Program

It happens that your quality of life is poor, survival, getting through the day. An annual program is recommended strongly. Alone, 20 to 25 sessions and also three group days (working on your own theme and yet have the feeling you are not all alone doing this). I start with a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 people.

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