Empower Yourself

Have less physical pain. To reduce the weight of your trauma, stress or negative events. To come back in your strength. Is that possible? Yes, for sure. That is what Power Tapping can do for you.


Look at the possibilities and choose what is suiting you best.


Watch the short video’s on our Dissolving Trauma YouTube Channel.

Guided Power Tapping

An hour for yourself


Online Guided Power Tapping! To deal with your own unique situation and to neutralise that as much as possible. Join us and feel that your stress reducing.

Take note: Guided Power Tapping will be held often in English, because participants are joining from all over the world.

Power Tapping Sessions

Together on the way to your strength


We peel off your fear or pain until we reach the negative experience that caused this. Together we resolve the emotion of that experience.

Tip: ask around at work what the possibilities are to attend the Power Tapping program (as a coaching program)

Power Tapping Annual Program

You are worth it


We are dealing with your trauma like a movie: frame by frame. Every frame can trigger a negative emotion, which we are going to neutralise. Techniques will be used that you can use yourself.
You are important and allowed to be here with all your feelings.

Watch the movie below and ask for information.

Power Tapping Annual Program
starts end of september 2021

Power Tapping
Workshops and Lectures

Together learn and apply


You learn about the impact of stress and traumas and how to apply EFT. That in combination with e.g. the Fountain of Energy and the Physic roots of Disease.

Contact me to talk about the possibilities.

Power Tapping Retreat

A present to yourself


A couple of days to yourself and learn more about yourself. A journey of discovery. Where are you in life? What do you want? What are you allowed to release? What do you like to embrace? Walking, reflection, enjoy good food, good company and you learn to make your dreams into reality.


Let me know when you are interested.

“I experience more peace of mind after the Online Guided Power Tapping. Being able to sleep at night for the first time for 6 hours at a time. Lovely.”


“The situation at home had changed so much in the Corona time, Online Guided Power Tapping helped me to reduce my stress.”


“I consider myself a down-to-earth person, yet I have seen and experienced surprising healings due to EFT. I loved the wonderful days of the retreat on a perfect location.”


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