Project in Live Your Choice

To create a documentary about solving traumas with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

For an entire year I will guide persons with traumas or certain PTSD complaints using Power Tapping (EFT & Coaching). Together we work on their complaints (e.g. using EFT to neutralize the underlying negative emotions) and helping them regain their power and strength. The experiences of the participants will be recorded with a camera and made into a Dissolving Trauma Documentary.

We work together with Erasmus MC of Rotterdam to analyze the stress hormone cortisol. For the research each participant provided us with a small hair sample. We also put together a control group. In October 2020 we hope to share the first results.

My reason for making this Dissolving Trauma Documentary, is to allow those who feel stuck to enjoy life again and to become part of the Happy Side of Life. I also want to help them find their way to EFT coaches and therapists more easily. Finally, I hope that insurance companies become interested and include EFT in their reimbursement policy so that everyone has access to this method.

On our YouTube channel Dissolving Trauma you can find videos about the participants’ experiences and the making of the documentary.

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