Documentary Dissolving Trauma

A documentary about dissolving traumas using Power Tapping (EFT & Coaching).

Do you like to watch the documentary Dissolving Trauma?

This spring we had the premiere of the documentary Dissolving Trauma. When you missed it and you like to watch the documentary Dissolving Trauma? Send us an email or watch the documentary On Demand. You can read more on the website Dissolving Trauma.  

On our YouTube channel Dissolving Trauma the trailer and teasers can be found.

About the documentary Dissolving Trauma

Starting June 2020 I guided participants with traumas or certain PTSD complaints using Power Tapping (EFT & Coaching) for one year. Together we worked on their complaints (e.g. using EFT to neutralize the underlying negative emotions) to regain their power and strength. The experiences of the participants was recorded with a camera and is made into the Dissolving Trauma Documentary.

We worked together with Erasmus MC of Rotterdam to analyze the stress hormone cortisol. For the research each participant provided us with a small hair sample.  

My reason for making this Dissolving Trauma Documentary, is to allow those who feel stuck, to enjoy life again and to become part of the Happy Side of Life. It si my big wish that everyone can use EFT.

The documentary became the basis of the Power Tapping Annualprogram (held in the Netherlands in Dutch and/of English). A year to reach your Happy Side of Life and to make a jump up in your quality of life.

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